Sunday, 15 May 2011

We have guests - hooray!

Bex was our first guest (well apart from Dave our lovely relocation crew) and totally revived my spirits by being the gorgeous pink whirlwind of joy that she is. Embracing the marina life, socializing at the evening BBQs and of coarse lots of shopping!

She is the first of many Tiki sirens

Monday, 2 May 2011

Goodbye land-life - we are floating

Back from a great break in Thailand there was so much to do. Neil was enroute from Keppel Marina and I packed up the flat ready to move aboard. Everything we bought for temporary use was sold back on ebay or gumtree and we arranged storage for the surplus - still amazed how easily we accumulated so much stuff after only 8 months here. Ruthlessness was the key and with such limited space onboard the decisions were made easier.

We are now officially live-aboard and what a great feeling it is. After several years talking about it and wondering what it would be like we are here on our floating home. In a marina and still commuting to work for now with the cruising date set for mid July.

Do you know what?  It feels amazing! Simple. Uncomplicated. Liberating. At the same time just a little bit daunting - there's so much work to be done on and in her. We are all smiles here though, time for sleeves up and lots of elbow grease.