Friday, 29 July 2011

Sailing North - Scarborough to Double Island Point

Wednesday July 27th.
Refuelled with 300L, restocked with fresh vegetables and raring to go. Headed off into the bay ready for high tide, around Deception Point and off for a great sail into the sunset. Not much wind and direction was right behind us making for a roly-poly passage but with good average speed still over 5 knots. Lots of ships in the shipping channel to keep us alert and the coastline was lit up like a stadium at various points along the way even though we stayed a few miles off, wonder what they were? Out of the channel and further north sea traffic quickly disappeared and we settled into our watch pattern.
Thursday 28th July 2011
The wind picked up gradually as dawn approached so we rounded Double Island Point lighthouse around 07:30 and turned into a very fresh offshore breeze around 20kts. Edged as close to shore in the anchorage as draft allowed and dropped the hook for the day in 3m waiting for the high tide to cross the bar into the Tin Can Bay area.
Sea temperature has risen to 18C, but blowing a hooly. Prop can wait.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

@saltygardener, 28/07/11 4:18

Heather White (@saltygardener)
28/07/11 4:18
Just passed Noosa headed to Fraser Is. sailing by the stars, fresh SW cruising at 5.2 knots. Paradise.

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Part II: Fuel diagnostics for Perkins 4236 - Delayed in Scarborough Marina

Delayed 19th - 27th July 2011

Well after a truly lovely first leg we anchored outside the Marina at Scarborough for a nights rest before heading up to Fraser island. Next morning spent on deck doing little jobs and getting used to everything. Wind picked up perfectly but unfortunately the engine didn't. Neil went through everything methodically and I helped by scouring the forums and engine manuals looking for extra clues. We narrowed it down to the fuel injector pump - a mysterious beastie that if broken can not be repaired by mere cruising mortals. It was broken. I blogged the checklist (Part 1) of how we found out it was broken if anyone is interested... So we needed a tow in, and lucky we had signed up to Coast Guard Rescue!

Long story short they towed us in the next day when it was blowing an absolute hooley and we spent the next week immobile whilst the Diesel Injection specialists did their stuff refurbishing the injector pump. We had the 4 injectors overhauled at the same time for good measure and so now they, along with the almost new pump are all set for the next 20+ years. They better be, the dent in our cruising budget was humongous.

Prop is covered in weed from the Manly stay but we've no incentive to swim, sea temperature is 16C. Brrrrrrrrr

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Tiki loves Jaegermeister - cheers Reggie!

Thinking of great friends and raising a toast with what's left from our last session on Paws... Happy Birthday Andy from the Tiki crew!

Location:Fortune St,Scarborough,Australia

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Fuel System diagnostic checks we did on our Perkins 4.236 diesel engine - Part I

When it won't fire up here's the drill.

Check the stop valve (engine cut-off) is in the off position and open the throttle to full.
Check the fuel supply in the tank - like have you got any and is it clean?
Before we go pulling everything apart, check the belt is turning the Fuel Injector Pump (IP).
Use the electric pump to check the input to and output from the primary filter is clean and air-free by disconnecting & reconnecting each point.

Working along the fuel line, switch to manual pump and push through to the secondary filter and again check in and out is clean and air-free.
Now we're at the IP.
Disconnect supply at entrance and check as above to ensure it is not blocked.
Bleed (loosen them open until they drip) IP at the valves  and let them run to ensure clean fuel.  This is the Low Pressure section of the IP.
Crack (same as bleeding, different name..) the injector nuts -fuel should run clean and air free.  This is from the High Pressure area of the IP.
Check the internal "spline" is turning (ie able to create the pressure) by removing the plate cover and watching as you turn the engine over.

Try turn it over again and if still no good then you will need to return at another time for Part II.   Good luck and please keep us posted on the outcome!  As for us, we're stuck at the injector nuts as no fuel is coming through.  Good news is the spline does turn.

Coast Guard are towing us into the Marina where we'll get a professional second opinion and probably end up having the IP bench tested.  We suspect the stop valve mechanism inside the IP has failed somehow.

We'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Onion soup and cheese scones

When life throws you expiring onions, make soup!

6 onions peeled and sliced
White wine, a healthy splash
Beef stock cubes

In a soup pan, gently sauté the onions in butter for 30 mins until lovely and golden. I covered the pan, and if they
start to stick too early add a splash of wine. Have some yourself if it's not your watch..
Add 1L of water and equivalent stock cubes as per the dilution on the packet and bring to a gentle simmer for about 1hr.
Serve sprinkled with cheese and crusty bread, or it is also delicious with...

Yoghurt Cheese scones

250g SR flour
Pinch salt
50g butter
150g natural yoghurt
1 egg
75g grated cheese

Herbs / cayenne pepper added are also good!

Preheat oven to 225C
Rub butter into sifted flour and salt, then stir in cheese. Add herbs now if doing so.
Mix egg and yoghurt together and add to flour to make a soft dough.
Roll out to 2.5cm thick and cut into about 5cm rounds.
Pop everything onto a baking tray, especially the offcuts as they make tasty cheesy crunchy things..
Brush with milk or egg and bake at top of oven for 10 mins.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Bye-bye Brisbane: shakedown sail to Scarborough anchorage

It was a slightly delayed start as some dirty fuel got sucked through the engine. Neil was on it straight away and with a replacement filter installed and a switch to the second tank we were off, albeit in a very large cloud of white smoke. We had a lovely send off from the pontoon thanks to Dave, Rose and Gail. See you all again soon! It felt sooooooo great to be out of the marina and on the water again. She looks so beautiful with all her sails up and filled with wind and Neil has that content cat that got the cream look about him that I hope will become permanent.

We set off from Manly yesterday after lunch and headed to Scarborough in Deception bay for the night. Gorgeous sunny winters day around 21C and perfect light winds for a shakedown sail, plus for a total bonus we had our first pod of dolphins yippee!

All the rather randomly stowed provisions have had a rattle around and we will no doubt be relocating a few items over the journey. The onions and spuds id long forgotten were there were first up as the bottom of the pantry soon gets toasty warm when the engine is on - the whole boat started to smell like stewed onion... not good, unless I'm making onion soup!

We will refuel here at Scarborough and head overnight up to the Wide Bay bar ready to pass through on the high tide midday Wednesday and from there the sheltered straights of Fraser Island.