Friday, 11 February 2011

Purchasing Tiki

Friday 11th is the day we start our life with Tiki. We have taken the plane up to Proserpine airport, I am planning on staying on here to begin refurbishing her and Heather and my father are coming up for the weekend to begin clearing the yacht with me. We expect this first step will take several days of clearing, scrubbing and cleaning.

We have spent a chunk of time planning what needs doing on the yacht and budgeting for all we need to do. Most accounts from other cruisers tells us to double our expected outlay on refurbishing. We have set-up ours in three levels, one is to have her in shape for the sail south and good enough to live on, two is to be comfortable and capable of taking us on a three month adventure along the coast of Queensland and third is to have her in shape for 'blue water' cruising away from the comfort of a local chandlery. At some point we will put a detailed account of our refurbishments and costs on the blog as we are tracking each invoice and cost as we go along.

For now we are starting at the basics, she needs stripping of everything that is not sound, working properly or that is smelling. We start on saturday morning.