Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Brisbane update

Back from a great break in Thailand, now with so much to do. Neil is enroute from Keppel Marina and I'm packing up the flat ready to move onboard. Everything we bought for temporary use is back for sale on ebay or gumtree and we have arranged storage for the surplus - how easily we accumulated so much stuff after only 8 months here. Ruthlessness is the key, and with such limited space onboard the decisions are getting easier :)

Thursday, 7 April 2011

From Keppel island to Fraser

Back from Thailand diving on the Similan islands. 

I managed to book myself (well Heather did) to the wrong airport on the way back.  I had ended up in Gladstone instead of Rockhampton and so had the afternoon waiting for the train up to Yeppoon.  Looking at the weather there was no rush anyway as we are unlikely to be heading south until the Monday, the weather is in the wrong direction.

The weekend was spent relaxing and doing a few jogs to get ready for the second part of the trip to Brisbane.  The first leg is a long one of 180 nmiles down to Fraser Island.  We then will have some short days travelling in channel to the mainland, this is about fifty miles, and then a 100 nmile trip down to Brisbane for the following weekend.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

International travel adapter

Neil's international power adaptor (patent still pending) is working a treat to charge the LG phone. Also check out the 670W 3A kettle provided in the hotel room. Keeps up to 2L on boiling point, cuppa tea anyone?