Thursday, 12 April 2012

Pittwater: Bayview Anchorage and RPAYC

We’ve just made the trip up to Broken bay which is about a twenty mile trip north from Sydney harbour.  It’s a hugely popular sailing area for sailing that is also a national park.  There are literally hundreds of safe anchorages to visit in the area and so we are making a start at exploring some of them over the next weeks. 

Heading south in Pittwater- Tiki self steers when in a good mood!

Our first visit on entering Broken Bay was to head south along the Pittwater all the way down to Bayview opposite the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club since we had pre arranged to meet 'Me Too' in this area before they headed north for the winter warmth in Whitundays.  The Pittwater is a busy waterway that just became more and more populated as we headed south down the water on a wonderful Easterly wind and flat sea - and since it is was Easter weekend it was only going to get busier.   

Pittwater, Bayview area
The channel is well marked and by the time we arrived at the Bayview area there was not much room to anchor outside of the channel markers.  Of course after a closer look around we did find several places on the edge of the channel that can still be used for anchoring – luckily someone forgot to put a mooring in the space and rent it out!  If you have shallow draft you can find more room and in fact dry out right up the beach south of the isolated danger mark as several boats did whilst we were there..    

There is plenty to see and do ashore although we enjoyed a cruise around in the tender doing some really lazy tourism before sundowners arrived and it was time for socialising and also watching the moon rise.  The picture has Wild Oats X in the middle, largest mast, having a well earned rest.  Going ashore can be a multiple choice if you are cruising as much of the foreshore looks private and is.  Pittwater council has some good information on wharves  
and of course the marinas have tying up facilities for visitors.

We also visited Coasters retreat which is on the western shore of Pittwater.  A well sheltered bay that seems to be entirely taken over by club moorings, with no public that we could see.  The moorings all have ‘private’ or some version of ‘keep off’ painted on them so we moored up anyway since most are unused most of the time. 

Moon rise in Pittwater

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