Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Sydney Harbour: Blackwattle Bay ancchorage

Blackwattle bay is one of the most convenient and sheltered anchorages that gives easy access to Sydney city.  It is frequented by cruising boats to varying levels depending on the time of year. 
The anchorage area is marked with buoys
The marked anchorage is in about 4m of water and it is very small and so you need to be prepared to anchor up close.  On one occasion we could have stepped off our bowsprit to our neighbors stern with no trouble.  Its a good practice for accurate anchoring technique.  It is also renown for the nasty smelly mud that sticks to your chain and so in general it is good holding.  We were inspired to fit a deck wash after visiting  several times. 

Of course various friends will take a deep breath and tell me of the times they have dragged here after being sat happily on anchor for two weeks or more.  The fact is there is a lot of rubbish sat in the mud, we have dragged up old cables and others blocks of wood, wire, metal etc. so care is needed not to be complacent once you are dug in.   Having said that it is a sheltered anchorage on the whole and we have enjoyed our stays because there is a lot of city life nearby. 

The city views are great and there is a lot of convenience with everything close by.  This picture is taken from just by the Glebe Point cafe and the pontoon is used regularly by tenders.  We spent many happy morning in the cafe using the WiFi and enjoying the view.  The fish market is across the bay and they are happy for tenders to be tied up on the inside pontoon by the ramp.  We asked the office and they were happy for us to tie up Tiki for an hour or so midweek where we took on water.  They are busy weekends and will charge if you tie up.  It is also a great place to visit and the fish-market tour is worth going to early in the morning.  

Sunset and sunrise was my favourite time here, the city skyline always made a great ambiance and backdrop for sundowners.   

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